Ashfall: Hopeless Part 4 Out Now On StoryShift!

2014-04-29 02:23:03 by Panda

Gentlemen, and gentleladies, Ashfall: Hopeless has been updated with a new chapter on StoryShift. The votes have been pretty tight so far, and I'm expecting nothing less from you all this time around.

In other news, I've been working on a couple of things on my end. You can expect a cool horror short story from me sometime in the near future, and set in the very familiar setting to you savvy StoryShift readers.

I'm also always open to suggestions, so if there's anybody out there who has any critiques or sugesstions for me, feel free to drop me a PM or comment right here on my page.

Until next time. - Panda


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2014-05-01 18:39:26

Thanks for the share! Doing it now!!!! :)