Do You Like Comics? Do You Like Psychics?...

2014-07-24 13:59:09 by Panda



Then you'll fuckin' love our latest comic, Cold Read, right on StoryShift! It's written by yours truly, and the art is done by the awesome KimoLemonHead (with assistance from ChesecakeLOL) If you like mysteries, and fake psychics, and all that fun jazz, then this is the comic for you.

Go on over and check it out, get your vote on, and hopefully we can make it great for all you readers out there. Don't worry though, I'm also still writing Ashfall: Hopeless, and the next part is already in the works!

That's it for this update, and I will see you all next time!


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2014-08-23 00:05:06

Huh it looks decent.

Panda responds:

It looks so decent, it might actually be good :L. Who knows though.