Hey all, Panda here, long time no update :L.

Unfortuneately, I was too lazy to update this while the previous voting period for Ashfall: Hopeless was open. But fear not! I'll be writing the next part shortly, and we'll have a new voting period soon! Also, be sure to look out for us in the future, big things to come with the new year hopefully.

In other news, I've been working on some other stuff. Paxilion still hasn't released that short story I mentioned ages ago, FOR SOME ODD REASON :L. But besides that, soon Choctopi and I will be doing a mini-project together, so be sure to look out for that.

Speaking of, Choctopi is accepting comissions, and considering how great of an artist they are, I would definitely recommend you give them a thought if you need something done.

Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on, but hopefully I'll start updating this more in the future, since it's sorta fun writing these posts.

Until next time though, see ya!

Hey all, Panda here. I have some terrible news to share with you all, and what follows is a copy of a Facebook status that I posted earlier tonight.

Hey Shifters, author of "Ashfall" and "Cold Read" Jarrell Garcilazo here. First I want to thank you all for continuing to support us here at StoryShift, but today I'm begrudgingly writing to bring some tragic news.

Since the beginning of "Cold Read", we've been credited as a two man team, Kareem B. Najjar, the artist, and myself, the writer. But behind the scenes, we've been a three-man team, with the wonderful Jude Momani assisting Kareem, her boyfriend, with coloring and shading on some pages. Her contributions were always valuable, and helped shaped the look of our pages and art style from the beginning.

Unfortunately though, that three-man team is now one person short. After a month or so of not hearing from Jude Momani, a few short days ago Kareem B. Najjar received the tragic news that Jude Momani, 16, had passed away on August 26th.

Jude was a good person, friendly and upbeat, and in fact if it wasn't for that friendliness Kareem and I may not even be here delivering "Cold Read" to you, the readers. I had initially contacted Jude to inquire about her interest in joining us on board StoryShift, but instead she pointed me to Kareem's direction, and the rest is history.

Of course, I didn't know Jude as personally as Kareem did, but it's always painful to lose a skilled colleague that you've worked hard with on something, especially one that was as young as she was. I had actually messaged her, on August 25th no less, to praise her for her recent work on the comic, but that message was never received.

It is during this time that I'd like for you all to send your well wishes to both Kareem and Jude's family. It's a very difficult time for everyone involved, and any support is appreciated.

I would also like to ask for some patience when it comes to our "Cold Read" updates. Something like this always has a great effect on things, and updates may progress a bit more slowly for some time.

But progress they will. Kareem and I both have no intention on leaving "Cold Read" incomplete. In fact, that would be the worst thing that we could do in my mind. One thing that I'm sure would make Jude happy, would be to see through the completion of "Cold Read". Kareem and I will both work to the best and extent of our abilities to push "Cold Read" onward with the best quality that we can manage.

Even with that, I hope that we can both push our own personal abilities forward, so that when "Cold Read" has reached its conclusion, and when we both look through the pages upon pages that have been completed, what we see on those pages is something that not only Jude would have been proud to be a part of, but something that could carry her legacy forward for years to come.

I want to thank everyone that took the time to read these few short paragraphs. I would like if everyone could respect Kareem's privacy at this time. It won't be easy to continue on with "Cold Read", but we will both see it through to the end.

And whenever that day comes, it will still feel like she was there with us every page of the way. Until then, may she rest in peace.

For those of you here on Newgrounds, Kareem B. Najjar is the talented and always funny KimoLemonHead, and Jude was CheeseCakeLOL. I met both of them here on Newgrounds, and that alone is a testament to the type of friendships and partnerships this site helps create.

Newgrounds gave me the oppourtunity to work with folks like Jude and Kareem, and even though one of those partnerships ended early, I wouldn't trade it away.

This site brings people together, and helps them create something great to share with the internet, and even though I hope I have to never write something like the above again, I'm happy that Newgrounds brought me to both Kareem and Jude.


Hey guys! I'm required by contract to mention StoryShift in ever subject header! If I don't, then Evil-Dog takes away my ration of Tic-Tacs for the month.

It's been quite awhile since I made an update news post, so I have one for you guys right here! Been busy, new puppy and all that. BUT TRUST ME I'm still hard at work on Cold Read and Ashfall: Hopeless (which you can find on StoryShift right here on Newgrounds).

I have a few other projects kicking around in my head, one involving a short story that I wrote up a couple weeks ago, and another concerning a reboot of the Ashfall Graphic Novel that has been on hiatus for quite some time. You can expect some news about both of those things in the coming week. That is, if I can find an artist that's down to draw some super sweet steampunk/fantasy action, not named Paxilon.

But other then that, I'll keep working on my StoryShift stories to keep you fine folks entertained. The vote for Ashfall: Hopeless is still open, but I forgot to tell you all about Cold Read's vote :L. So go ahead and vote on Hopeless, and read up on the latest Cold Read, and I'll have a new update for you guys soon hopefully! 

Again, I'm always up for any questions or comments that anybody might have. Whether it be about Cold Read, Ashfall, StoryShift in general or stuff like that. Either PM me or just comment here and I'll get to it ASAP.

See you guys next time!



Then you'll fuckin' love our latest comic, Cold Read, right on StoryShift! It's written by yours truly, and the art is done by the awesome KimoLemonHead (with assistance from ChesecakeLOL) If you like mysteries, and fake psychics, and all that fun jazz, then this is the comic for you.

Go on over and check it out, get your vote on, and hopefully we can make it great for all you readers out there. Don't worry though, I'm also still writing Ashfall: Hopeless, and the next part is already in the works!

That's it for this update, and I will see you all next time!

Ashfall: Hopeless Part 6 Out On StoryShift! + Cold Read Coming Soon!

2014-06-25 17:11:09 by Panda

Hey folks!

Good news! Ashfall: Hopeless Part 6 is officially out on StoryShift! Go read it and vote, things are getting good, and the rollercoaster only continues from here!

And in even more good news, I'm proud to announce a partnership with KimoLemonHead and CheeseCakeLOL to bring a new comic to StoryShift! They're both great artists, and we'll be bringing you a story called Cold Read, and by the title, I'm sure a few of you can figure out it's premise to an extent.

And that's about it for this update, expect more from me soon though!

Greetings, gentlemen.

I'm back again, to let you all know that a new chapter of Ashfall: Hopeless has been released on StoryShift! You all should go read it and vote on what happens next.

I'm having fun churning these chapters out, and it only gets better from here.

In other news, the artist search continues. Still haven't been able to find someone to work with, though if someone out there is interested, whether that be yourself or someone you know, send them my way. I'm 100% dedicated to anything I work on, and I'm itching to get started on another project. Now if only the artists I knew were also dedicated :L (IM LOOKING AT YOU CHAINSWAP AND PAXILION)

And that's about it for now. I know I've been mentioning a new short story coming at you for awhile now, but I'm just waiting on a certain new chapter of a certain story on StoryShift to release to go ahead and let it loose upon you all. But for now, I bid you all farewell.

- Panda


Don't worry, I'm not here to sell the next part of Ashfall Hopeless to you, yet. No! Instead of just leaving you guys all alone (all 18 of you) between chapters, I figured I'd start giving some updates now and then on stuff that's going on, StoryShift and otherwise.



I'm on Twitter now! I finally sold out for a free Dreadknight Garen skin on League of Legends. But! While I'm on it, may as well use it to conenct with all of you, and actually be social. Maybe if I gain enough followers, a AMA or some other fun stuff wouldn't be out of the question. But for now, I'll be using it for StoryShift shilling, and giving some updates on progress and such. You can follow me here.



In other news, my search for an artist continues. Between StoryShift chapters I want to start working on a side comic or graphic novel that can maybe be self-published if it's good enough. Alas though, the search goes on. I was loooking at the wonderful art of Oviot over at DeviantArt, but I have an irrational fear of approaching others to work with me when they're more popular than me :L. But if any of you know of any awesome artists willing to work on something with a person such as myself, make sure to send them my way.



And that's about it, you can look forward to that short story I mentioned awhile ago somewhat soon; maybe along with a certain StoryShift update that I can't name but it's definitely coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for news on that. The next part of Hopeless should also be released soon, so I hope you all continue to vote on it, and continue to make it a great, and intriguing story.


“Look; Silk, is it? Do you ever feel like you'-”

“Not in control of your own actions? Don't gimme that divine guidance garbage, you're either comin' with me or or you're not. I ain't got time for this shit,” Silk interrupted.

“That wasn't what I was going to sa-”

“Naah, I'm pretty sure it was.”

~ Panda

Ashfall: Hopeless Part 4 Out Now On StoryShift!

2014-04-29 02:23:03 by Panda

Gentlemen, and gentleladies, Ashfall: Hopeless has been updated with a new chapter on StoryShift. The votes have been pretty tight so far, and I'm expecting nothing less from you all this time around.

In other news, I've been working on a couple of things on my end. You can expect a cool horror short story from me sometime in the near future, and set in the very familiar setting to you savvy StoryShift readers.

I'm also always open to suggestions, so if there's anybody out there who has any critiques or sugesstions for me, feel free to drop me a PM or comment right here on my page.


Until next time. - Panda

StoryShift Release + Ashfall News!

2014-02-22 16:51:28 by Panda


We're finally in business! StoryShift has been released, and with it Ashfall: Hopeless! For those of you that haven't checked it out, you can find it right here on Newgrounds

You can also search for StoryShift on your iOS or Android device, and download our app for free there.

We would all appreciate it if you could at least take a look at some of our stories on there, and get your votes and subs in ;).

In other, Ashfall related news, we're looking at getting new content rolling out soon. For those that don't know what Ashfall is, allow me to direct you to our DeviantArt page description. 

“Ashfall” is a fantasy web-comic illustrated by MK Douma and written by Jarrell Garcilazo (Panda). The current installment, “Tapestry”, follows the journey of one woman across the continent of Covenantry. This journey brings her across the paths of many other lives, lives that will be forever changed; for better, or for worse.

And that's pretty much the jist of it. Adventures! Wenches! All of that good stuff. We were on sabbitcal for a time there while my good friend Paxilon (Author of Kansas on StoryShift) got her hands on a fixed Tablet; but now all engines are on and we're fixing to get some new content out there.

Between StoryShift chapters, I'll be looking to write up some short stories for you all to read, maybe some pieces that give more backstory and lore to the setting, and stuff like that. In addition, we'll be looking to release new pages of Ashfall whenever we can, Pax is a busy woman-artist-monkey-thing. And to tie it all together, we'll also be looking to release a few more pieces of promotional artwork and maps of the Ashfall lands.

Of course, I'll always keep you guys updated here. But, if you want to get all the latest news without always having to look out for a news post, go ahead and like our Facebook page.

And that's pretty much it. Hopefully we can put out content that you all will enjoy, and make sure to continue to tune in to our stories on StoryShift!

- Panda